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Personal Danger

Personal danger is becoming more of a reality to the average person. It does not matter who you are, serious crime is on the rise. Everyone has the potential of being a target.

Most people do not have an understanding of the reality of violence. They may have viewed it on TV or at the cinema, but only when they are confronted first hand does realization kick in, and by then it is usually too late.

Self-defense, defensive tactics, what ever you like to call it, requires more than just having knowledge of certain moves. There also needs to be a defensive strategy


an exit strategy, well thought out and trained for.


Personal Security Group Ltd has designed courses specific to the individual or group requirement.

Our latest phone App



This Virtual Advisor has been created by Personal Security Group to enhance the Safety of AIRCREW.

This Android APP has been devised to provide you, the aircrew member with a guide to personal security, from home base to sign on, and through to completion of a tour of duty (TOD).

It is designed as a GUIDE.

Please ensure you seek expert advice from the Authorities and refer to the Law if you are in any doubt.

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